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Is stealing a Song worth $10 million?

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This just out.  Usher and Justin Bieber may have to fork over  $10 million. This fee as a penalty for allegedly stealing a song. We do not know how the case is going to play out. These accusations are common in the music industry and can cost the parties hefty fees. Many times the "little guy" has little support and can not afford to defend their song.  Bieber and Usher have been summoned to attend a trial over the song, "Somebody to Love." According to the Reuters, another singer named De Rico is claiming that he wrote the song with his music partner. He claims that he played his version of the song  for Usher who later took it  to Bieber and from there they, allegedly, proceeded to steal the song. They allegedly began to treat it as if it were theirs. We know that record labels  and successful parties may sometimes get frivolous law suits, so we can not always be quick to judge the truth without all the facts. If De Rico and his songwriting partner are truly the authors of the song "Somebody to Love", it could be a huge pay day for them if the courts deem Bieber and Usher liable.  Here is what the  original song sounds like: their version . 

Here is what the Judge had to say, according to Reuters, "After listening to the (De Rico) song and the Bieber and Usher songs, we conclude that their choruses are similar enough and also significant enough that a reasonable jury could find the songs intrinsically similar," wrote Judge Pamela Harris.  The judge declared that the lyric "somebody to love" has an "almost identical rhythm and a strikingly similar melody."

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Mistakes New Songwriters Make

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#1. They Don't Write Good Songs.

#2. Don't Promote themselves Enough.

#3. They Don't like to Network with other Songwriters.

#4.They Hire musicians that are amateurs.

#5. They don't Connect with Companies that Submit to Grammy Awards.

#6. They Don't Have More than one version of Their Song. 

#7. They Are Too Cheap to Get their Song Mastered Professionally.

#8. They Don't Protect their Copyright. 

#9. They Don't seek out mentorships.

#10. They don't get their songs "administered", use a professional music publisher or administration professional.

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Give Away to be Announced Soon.

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Enter the contest.

Enter the contest.

What you get if you win.


To Enter:

1. Sign up for my news letter.

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Is instagram tricking us?

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Wipe the slate clean! INSTAGRAM’S PHOTO MAP


Is instagram tricking you?  Recently I got a call from someone saying that had changed their location settings and yet instagram was still geo tagging them. He said, "Is instagram tricking us?" Many of you thought that all you had to do was to stop clicking on "name this location."  This is not enough. 

Strangers can FIND YOU. 

Strangers can find you, details like the name of  your street and more. What happens when everyone knows exactly where you are located, every time you instagram? Does this attract strangers to you or if you are on vacation do you want people to know you are not home. Well they know because of the photo map even down to some surprising details. That's right. Changing location settings on your phone may not be enough. 

So what do you do. Make your profile private  to only allow approved users see your photo map OR try the following:

Go to the photo map, go to your profile  and hit the little grey marker. If it’s greyed out, you’re ok and already have it set to stay away and not track you. But if you can click on it,   you’ll be able to pull up map of all your instagram photos. This thanks to geotag.

You can zoom out to see the the map, and yes all the photos are there. Click “edit” in the upper-right hand side. When your photo count changes from green to blue click deselect all and then click done. Click “Confirm” and you are done. Way to go!


Great job. Now you have tidied up your map. You see, when people see where you have instagrammed over and over again they can correctly assume you live there. But by cleaning up your map, you are ahead of the game and can guard your privacy. Next then is next. Make sure your location settings from here on out will prevent Instagram from tagging a location to your photos.  You do have a choice. 

in Paris

CHICs that Check  settings Often.

Sometimes settings get turned on and off with out you being aware. I'm not sure why this is the case. This is most likely is an accident. Or perhaps reset on the part of instagram or your phone. Check often. Do your due diligence. Especially after updating your phone or your apps, the location settings get turned backed on. Not yet sure if I can say what my friend said, that they are tricking us, but certainly check every now and then as the geo tagging  and location settings gets turned back on sometimes when you may not be aware.

Instagram delayed POSTS

Instant may not be the way to go if you are on vacation. Delay your posts sometimes. It's great to show the pics later and let people know it has happened so that people don't try to break into your house while you are away. 




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Passive Income Club 81015

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If you become an affiliate of company 81015,

 you will earn a recurring cut from every paying person they refer to the site. The exact percentage depends on the volume of people sent per month to the site, but the set base rate is 25% of every paid memberships. What does this mean to you? This means that you will earn a minimum of 25% per month per every paid user that you refer. The longer your referrers stay as paid members, the more money you earn. 

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