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What is Angela Shella youtube channel?

Yes, you can log onto

I just signed up for the free Angela Shella Newsletter. What can I expect to get? 

When you sign up for Angela Shella's newsletter, you will get updates on the music of Angela Shella,  inspiration, industry events,  freebies for being a fan. 


What is song school?

Song School is a once a year training course offered to a select group of students each year. It is designed to  improve skills of the art of songwriting, the strategies for monetizing music, the copyright and digital strategies designed to protect your music, how to find a music publisher, collaborations and media partnerships,  more. When you take the course you will have full access to the yearly course as new laws and updates are added. Also you will have access to the inperson networking event designed to help you meet industry professionals that can take you to the next level.. To find out more about the enrollment period of song school sign up here 


I want to hire Angela Shella to perform live at our event, how do I book Angela Shella and her band to perform music? 

If you want to book Angela Shella to perform live music at your event. Please email bookingmuse(at)gmail(dot)com with the event date, location, time, and details of the event. 

Does Angela Shella do one on one consulting?

Yes.  If you have a desire to speak one-on-one with Angela Shella about music, vocal coaching, industry questions, jumpstart your knowledge of copyright, digital underground music money, and the art of songwriting, feel free to contact bookingmuse(at)gmail(dot)com to arrange a date.

Where can we buy Angela Shella music?

You can buy Angela Shella music at the following:, itunes,, rhapsody, and